Embeddable Easy To Use Editor

Give users the graphic design and video editing experience they deserve on mobile and desktop browsers with a clean and easy to use HTML5 editor. Match the white-labeled design software to your company’s look and feel.

B2B Software-As-A-Service

No need to manage servers or worry about storage, redundancy, scalability, latency or reliability. The software is hosted securely in the cloud with elastic resources at every tier, served via a global CDN. Updates are delivered automatically and all functionality is available via an easy to use REST API in addition to the built-in user interface.

Web To Print Platform (W2P)

Output designs to high quality vector-based PDF files with CMYK and SPOT/PMS color support. Embed partial fonts or convert text to paths and auto include crop marks and bleed. Optimized for very large files.

Integrate Any Shopping Cart

Integrate Design Huddle into any shopping cart experience like Shopify or WooCommerce with very little development work. Full technical support provided to help determine integration strategy and verify best practices.


The mobile-responsive Editor can be easily embedded via iframe into any site. OAuth-based tokens are used to avoid any 3rd party cookie issues and CORS is supported for direct front-end API interactions. Design and video projects can be launched from pre-created templates or created in real-time with any size/shape and background color/photo via API.

Mobile-friendly Editor

The Editor displays a simplified experience for customizing design and video templates on mobile web browsers. Allow your users to make basic text updates, add background images, place images in frames, and download completed projects to their mobile device while on the go.

Robust API

The REST API was built to support any custom workflow. Custom identifiers can be supplied on all objects to avoid consumers needing to alter database schemas for data sync’ing. “Upserts” are supported globally to avoid multiple API interactions where unnecessary. Limited fields can be specified in GET responses and PATCH requests to avoid unnecessary data access.

Variable Templates

Automatically populate user-specific data, assets and styles into any design or video template. Render preview thumbnails of many templates at once, then optionally allow the user to edit them further. Try It

Or populate the editor in real-time as the user enters data into a separate form.

Advanced Editor Interactions

Retrieve real-time project metadata (e.g. colors, text, dimensions, etc.) from a design or video to support custom validation or pricing.

Or receive real-time thumbnails as the user makes changes in the editor.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Have your admins and/or users log in via your identity provider using either OAuth or SAML.

Account & User Syncing

Use the respective API's to synchronize accounts and users directly or leverage the auto upsert functionality during user token requests to limit unnecessary API interactions and reduce synchronization complexity.

Free Stock Photos and Videos

Design Huddle has partnered with some of the largest commercial free stock photo and video repositories - Unsplash+, Pixabay, and Pexels. Search thousands of high quality photos and videos and apply to your project with the click of a button.

Free Stock Vector Shapes and Icons

Browse one of largest shape, icon, and SVG libraries in the world, Iconfinder, and apply directly to your design or video from the Design Huddle Editor.


Import Design Templates via PDF

Convert existing design files into easy-to-edit digital, print, and presentation templates using the PDF import. Design templates maintain their original formatting, design elements, and quality, and allow for added template locking and simplified end-user customization.

Targeted Experience Per Media Type

An editor user experience tailored individually for design, video and presentations while maintaining user familiarity across media types.

End-User Project Saving

All customized designs and videos are automatically stored securely in the cloud per user for re-use on any device in the future. This is great for users needing to re-order prints of a previously customized design (e.g. business cards) or finish a project that they previously started.

Multi Brand Support

Manage and distribute brand approved photos, logos, fonts and color palettes for multiple brands in a single environment.

Approval System

Use the Approval Queue to review changes, request revisions and fix issues within user design or video projects. Take complete control of the final product to ensure quality standards and maintain brand consistency.

Clone with Resize

Clone any design or video project into another size or media type for easy re-use of campaign assets.


Create Custom Templates

Create design and video templates for easy customization by end users, optionally targeted at specific accounts.

Large Format Printing

High quality export support for large format printing and wide format printing, ideal for larger designs like banners and signs.

Brand Fonts / Logos / Colors / Photos

Upload and organize brand specific assets (fonts, logos, colors, photos) for your users to easily access and design with. Designate brands to certain users for easy segmentation and a customized design experience.

Custom Canvas Shape

Whether you’re designing for apparel or making a sticker, Design Huddle makes it easy to use a canvas of any custom shape based on an svg or transparent png, including support for die lines and overprint. Try It

Product Image Background

Display the canvas on top of any background image you choose for an ideal user experience designing t-shirts, coffee cups, etc. Easily switch out the background image in the editor with the Javascript SDK to allow for previewing a design on top of products with different color options.

Template Layouts

Save any page within a project as a reusable layout to allow users to easily import and build presentation slide decks or projects with multiple pages. Try It

Template Locking

Lock down all or individual design elements per template to ensure design integrity, for example allowing only basic text editing. Optionally publish multiple templates from the same design with different locking configurations to allow different levels of customizability for different user groups.

Auto Fit

Restrict width and line count of text boxes and automatically reduce text size based on user input per template.


Zones allow you to create a placeholder where the user can add a design or video element. Elements in the Zone will be altered to either fit fully or be masked to fill the Zone completely (cropped). Admins can choose what file type/source is allowed to be added to the Zone as well as its default orientation, rotation, and locking controls. Users can optionally position and resize elements they add within the zone boundary.

Constrain Proportions

Avoid stretching by properly maintaining the width and height aspect ratio of any shape.

No Print Segmentation

Designate specific elements on the canvas to not be exported/printed when finished with a project. Perfect for custom instructional text directly on the canvas and for creating custom safe zone user experiences.

Categorize Templates

Create your own categories to assign to design and video templates allowing easy filtering by end users.

Swap Out Alternate Templates

Replace the open design with a different template directly within the editor.

Basic Editing

Drag & Drop To Editor

Drag and drop image assets (PNG, JPG, SVG) or any audio/video file (e.g. MP4, MP3, etc.) onto the canvas for quick upload.

Upload Photos

Drag and drop or upload your own photos to the canvas when creating a new project or customizing a template.

Upload Videos

Drag and drop or upload your own videos directly to the canvas on video and presentation projects.

Upload Custom Fonts

Upload custom fonts per project or save them within your brand fonts. Allow users to easily access and use fonts within the editor.

Undo & Redo

Undo or redo changes to your design or video project even after you've left the editor. Projects are automatically saved so you'll never lose your progress.

Shapes & Icons

Quickly add additional elements to any design by using our built-in shapes and social media icons. Easily mask photos and videos to any shape.

Drop Shadows

Add and adjust shadows on any text in your project. Use advanced shadow features such as color, distance, direction, blur and transparency.

Instant Resizing

Custom resize your canvas to any size or use our preset canvas sizes for print, presentation or social media. Design elements magically resize and reposition maintaining design consistency.

Photo Cropping

Double click any photo to instantly crop and hide unwanted outer areas of a photo.

Zoom Controls

Zoom in and out of the canvas to enhance the view of specific items and details of your design within the editor.

Photo Filters

Enhance any photo with built-in photo filters. Quickly apply color overlays or edit the exposure, brightness, contrast, vibrance, hue and saturation on any image.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Take control of your design experience by leveraging our keyboard shortcuts for quick access to specific functions within the editor.

Object Aligning

Use our guidelines to create uniformity in your design and verify that all expected elements line up as intended.


Upload PNGs, JPGs, SVGs, and and all audio and video file types including MP4 and MP3.

Color Picker

Use the color picker tool to sample an existing color of an image. For example, if you want your text or background color to be the same color as the flower in your image.

Text Anchoring

Text can be anchored to the top, middle, or bottom of text boxes. As line wrapping occurs when typing or changing styles, the text box will grow according to the anchor. This also works with auto-fit so that downsized text maintains its position.

Curved Text Effect

The Curved text effect allows you to add a custom angle for your text, or use a preset curve such as full, half, quarter, and inverted circles.

Stroke Text Effect

Add a text stroke with round or mitered corners with its own color and weight.

Advanced Editing


Create multi-page design projects ideal for presentation slides and double sided print designs. Try It

Mask Media Into Any Shape

Crop and mask photos or videos within any shape or SVG uploaded to your project. For example, mask a brand photo or video loop within your logo.

Image Background Removal

Easily remove the background from any uploaded image.

Font Preview & Slider

Finding the right font for your design has never been easier. Preview any word in all font styles instantly or use the font scroller to instantly live preview fonts on your design.

Selected Objects Grouping

Group various objects on the canvas and treat them as a singular item when moving, adding color, or aligning.

SVG Vector Artwork Support

Upload Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to the canvas such as logos or shapes. SVG files do not rely on unique pixels to make up the image you see, rather they are vector data that can scale up and down to any resolution with no quality loss.

Color Grouping

View and change colors of grouped objects to verify uniformity amongst grouped elements.

SVG Ungrouping

Ungroup any uploaded SVG to treat each path as its own element. Customize colors and size for each element of the SVG.

Swap Out Alternate Backgrounds

Easily swap out your existing canvas background with a color, image or video, ensuring the background fully fills the canvas.


Full support of one or more color palettes for digital or print. Optionally enforce CMYK only on print projects and allow for PMS color selection via the SPOT color input.


Animate text, images and shapes to control how they show up on the canvas. Give your designs and videos a modern feel and allow your users to customize the animated content.


Modify or remove audio from uploaded videos. Upload audio tracks for specific scenes/slides or play across the entire video or presentation.

Timed Scene Slides

Easily cut up a video and add specific editable elements such as titles and lower thirds on top of each slide. Automatically set and adjust the time per slide based on how many slides are added.

Transparent Videos

Import a video with a transparent background into the editor and overlay it on any video project.

Right to Left Text Support

Create text that runs right to left with specific fonts that were created for languages meant to be read this way (e.g. Hebrew/Arabic).

Share | Present | Export

Post Graphics To Social Media

Schedule any design or video for social media publishing. Post directly to Facebook and Instagram, or to Twitter, LinkedIn and more with Buffer.

JPG/PNG/PDF/MP4 Export Support

Based on the project media type (digital, print, video or presentation), easiy export to the most relevant file format.

Export Transparent Background

Designs with transparent backgrounds can be exported as transparent PNG's.

Share Amongst Team Members

Share projects with members of your team to make edits or build further upon if necessary.


Export multi slide video-enabled presentations to a public URL or optionally password protected with user activity tracking. Try It

Presentation Distribution

Choose specific presentation recipients and select what version(s) they are able to view. Provide them with a locked or public url to view cloud hosted presentations.

Presentation Analytics

See exactly what users viewed on the presentation including how long they spent on each slide and how many times each slide was opened.

Crop Marks & Bleed

Print projects may be auto extended on export (.125 inches by default) to add bleed and crop marks. Or those can optionally be built into the design itself to give the user more visibiltiy or control.

Embed Text with Fonts in PDF

Partial fonts are automatically embedded in PDF exports with text. Optionally convert text to paths to avoid this.

Convert to Outlines

Avoid font matching issues with outdated PDF software by converting text to outlines upon export. Quality is maintained with native vector graphics rendered to the PDF.

Vector PDF Export

Preserve scalable vector objects in exported PDF's that can be opened and manipulated further in other design applications like Illustrator.

High Quality Output

All images are exported in high resolution automatically, using different assets than those downsized for faster browser performance in the editor.

Export Animated GIFs

Smaller video projects can be exported as animated GIFs with options for looping, frame rate and quality.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing allows for the personalization of design elements across individual pieces of a single print run, such as supplying unique names, addresses and even colors and images to each mailer.


Dedicated Support Team

Enterprise packages include access to a dedicated account manager for training and on-going support.

Cross Browser Compatible

The app is accessible and optimized across all browsers. Projects are automatically saved regardless of browser so nothing is ever lost.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports can be buit to give specific insights on users and template performance.