Digital Signage Design Editor & Video Templating Platform

Create Digital Signage Templates for User Customization or Creative Automation

Create or Convert Design & Video Files Into Digital Signage Templates

Easy to Use Digital Signage Design Editor for Templating

Upgrade your users’ design & video editing experience with an intuitive UI built for designers and non-designers alike.

  • Create templates from scratch or import PDFs and Lottie files (from After Effects) into editable templates.

  • Add placeholders for users to add text, logos & images, or configure them for dynamically populated content.

  • Add locking to design elements (e.g. font size, alignment), to limit user changes and maintain design integrity.

Powerful Design & Video Creation Tools

Streamline workflows and launch digital signage content quickly by leveraging these powerful tools.

  • Select from approved brand photos, videos, logos, colors and fonts directly wtihin the editor.

  • Export media directly to your digital signage player via API.

  • Apply your brand colors

White-label, Customizable Design & Video Editor

Create a custom editing experience for your users by embedding the editor seamlessly into your platform or website. Or leverage our API for a fully automated approach to design and video creation. Visit the Developer Toolkit for more information.