White-labeled, Embeddable Design Platform

Create customizable templates for
print and digital built for easy design customization by non-graphic designers


Whether you're looking to create and manage designs for your users (clients, employees, franchisees, affiliates, etc.), looking to seamlessly embed a design editor into your website/platform, or are interested in reselling the product as your own, Design Huddle is flexible enough to work with your needs.

For Agencies & Brands

Empowering users to create personalized marketing designs for print and digital, while protecting brand identity.

  • White-labeled Branded Design Editor
  • Create Templates For Print & Digital
  • Restrict Design Customizability
  • Review & Approve Designs
  • Organize Brand Photos & Assets
  • Gather User Design Analytics

Embedded Editor

Customizable HTML5 editor. Easily embedded via iframe into any site. Users can customize design templates or create from scratch.

  • Embed Into Any Website
  • Web To Print Platform
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Integrate With Any Shopping Cart
  • Create Templates For Print & Digital
  • Auto Populate User Data
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The Most Flexible Design
Platform Ever

A beautiful, easy to use design platform packed with advanced features and a robust API that’s flexible enough to suit your company’s needs. See list of features below.

Template Locking

Optional template locking ensures brand design consistency. Lock down design elements to control exactly what your users can customize.

Variable Templates

Automatically populate user-specific data, assets and styles in any design template.

White Label

Users customize designs for print and digital in an environment branded with your colors, logos and custom domain.

Embed Into Any Website

Easily embed the design editor into your site and leverage the API to create a seamless user experience.

Web-To-Print Platform

Export high quality print ready PDF files with optional bleed and crop marks, allowing both CMYK and Spot color selection.

Multi-Brand Support

Manage and distribute brand approved photos, logos, fonts and color palettes for multiple brands in one interface.

Review & Approve Designs

Use the Approval Queue to review changes, request revisions and fix issues in user designs, giving you total control of the final product.

Presentation Mode

Export multi slide video-enabled presentations to a public URL, optionally password protected with user activity tracking.

Full Feature List

  • Print
  • High Quality 300 DPI Print Export
  • CMYK and Spot Color Selection
  • Crop Marks and Bleed
  • Front, Back & Multi Page Printing
  • Editor
  • Drag & Drop Photos To Editor
  • Drag & Drop Fonts To Editor
  • Auto Fit Text
  • Image Masking
  • Custom Canvas Shape
  • Layout Page Syncing
  • Export Transparent Background
  • Multi Page Designs
  • Swap Out Alternate Backgrounds
  • Embed Video in Presentations
  • Quick Font Preview & Slider
  • SVG Vector Artwork Support
  • SVG Path Ungrouping
  • Right to Left Text Support
  • Instant Design Resizing
  • Color Grouping
  • Color Picker
  • Drop Shadows
  • Photo Crop Controls
  • Undo & Redo Controls
  • Zoom
  • Selected Objects Grouping
  • Object Aligning
  • Share Designs Within Team
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • General
  • Targeted Template Distribution
  • Custom Photo Gallery Support
  • Unsplash Integration
  • Buffer Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Design Project Cloning
  • Account & User Syncing
  • Template Categorization
  • Variable Template Previews
  • Organize Brand Photos & Assets
  • Password Protected Presentations
  • Design Analytics
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Enterprise Level Support


How is Design Huddle different from other online graphic design platforms?

  • Easy to Use:

    An intuitive editor for print & digital built for design customization by non-graphic designers

  • White Label:

    Completely white-labeled solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your website

  • Template Locking:

    Designers are given full control over what and how they want the user to edit

  • Robust API:

    The API library enables personalized experiences including auto-populating design content based on existing user data

  • Multi-Brand:

    Manage and distribute brand approved photos, logos, fonts and color palettes for multiple brands in one interface.

What types of companies use Design Huddle?

  • Agencies:

    Distribute and manage design assets for multiple clients and brands in a single white-labeled interface. Give clients autonomy in making small customizations to design templates while protecting design integrity.

  • Platforms:

    Add an intuitive design editor to your site workflow with a seamless user experience. Leverage your existing user data to automatically populate design templates. Use our API to facilitate unique customer experiences.

  • Printers:

    Seamlessly integrate an intuitive design editor into your existing site workflow. Allow users to customize design templates or create designs from scratch. Support CMYK and SPOT color selection and easily retrieve print-ready PDFs.

  • Brands:

    Manage assets for print and digital in a single branded interface. Maintain brand consistency while providing a simple one stop shop for your employees/franchisees/affiliates to access, customize & export assets.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is largely based on the number of users you have. We offer different user type options like guest users, account users, account admins and system admins to ensure you’re only paying for the features your users need. We also support monthly active user models as well as total user models based on which is more economical for your use case.

Total cost is made up of a monthly license fee that includes a certain number of users (can be a combination of multiple types and models) and per-user overage fees that tier down with scale. Finally there is a one-time setup fee that is based on the scope of your integration plans and setup/on-boarding requirements.

Our minimum monthly license fee is $100/mo. Schedule A Demo to get a custom quote!

How do I embed Design Huddle on my website?

Use the Design Huddle API and JavaScript SDK to create a custom integration no matter what platform you’re using. For very basic integrations, you only need to be able to place JavaScript and HTML on your page, no backend coding required! For deeper integrations, piggyback Design Huddle authentication on top of your own using our OAuth2 workflows and easily map User IDs between systems.

In addition to embedding the design editor, you may also want to embed the built-in template selection page and/or the projects page (shows a user their previously customized designs) as iframes. All embedded interfaces are themed based on your brand colors to match seamlessly with your website. Or leverage our APIs to build your own interface instead, including mapping design templates to your product catalog.

Do you offer support?

Design Huddle offers first class support to all of our clients. In addition to email support, there are custom support packages available for purchase depending on your needs. Design Huddle also offers consultative professional services for clients looking into large scale integrations with the product.