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Get started right away with the out-of-the-box portal, branded with your company name, logos, colors, and custom domain.


Create a fully custom experience for your users by leveraging our API and embeddable editor within your website or platform.


Leverage an API-first approach to programmatically populate all of your design and video Smart Templates with text, colors, photos, graphics and videos.

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Simplified Templating Create or Convert Files Into Editable Templates for

Digital Projects
Print Projects
Video Projects
Slides Projects
Zones & Placeholders

Zones & Placeholders

Guide users with designated boundaries & placeholders for logos, text & images. Or configure for creative automation.

Import PDF & Video Files

Import PDF & Video Files

Import PDF designs and Lottie File animations from After Effects to create editable templates for user customization.

Template Locking

Template Locking

Maintain design integrity and quality by configuring locking on any design element within a template.

Creative Automation Scale Content Creation With Smart Templates.

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Autopopulation example 1
Autopopulation example 2
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Melon Rectangle
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Generate Previews Generating... Complete!

Add Variables

Configure Smart Templates with variable elements to programmatically populate text, media, colors, and more.

Preview Designs in Real-Time

Display multiple auto-populated template previews in real-time, then optionally allow further customization in the Editor.

Variable Data Printing

Personalize design elements across individual pieces of a single print run (e.g. unique names & addresses on mailers).

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Creative Automation Powered By Design Huddle

See how Design Huddle powers Looka’s Brand Kit to instantly populate design templates with their customers' logos, fonts, and colors.

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Workflow, Assets & Integrations Upgrade Design & Video Workflows with Easy-to-Use, Feature-Rich Templating.

Media Libraries
Stock Media
Generative AI
Custom Integrations
Intuitive Editing

Intuitive Editing

Easily apply background removal, curved text, video and image masking to any design or video template.

Review & Approve

Review & Approve

Streamline creative approvals by reviewing changes, requesting revisions, and fixing issues in user designs and videos.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Update text, add videos and images, then preview and download completed projects, using a simplified mobile web experience.

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Simplifying Content
Customization & Automation

Simplyfing Content Customization & Automation